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Personal & Catastrophic Injury

It is unbelievable how damaging someone else can be in our lives, whether careless or intentional. Your physical health, your emotional well-being, even your financial stability. You have to worry about that increasing stack of medical bills, explaining to your boss why you are late again, asking your spouse to watch the kids all weekend while you rest (even though it barely seems to help anymore). Everyone around you is worried about you or under additional stress. Every action of every day is a reminder that your life may never be the same. What do you do?Insurance sounds great on the surface: pay monthly and you are covered in the event of an accident. So why don’t you have peace of mind now that you have been injured? You wear a lot of hats in your daily life, but chances are you do not professionally defend people who have been injured. Insurance companies are on the other side of that coin. Their interests do not fundamentally align with yours. Even when the other party is at fault, there is a lot of leeway above the bare minimum they are offering you. How much do you think you can ask for? But it’s about more than the money. You need to know the full extent of your injuries and who you can go to for tests, treatment, and recovery. You need a team to support you, to give advice and guide you. You need to focus on your family, to get back to your life.

That’s where we come in.

This is Geiger Legal Group’s promise to you if you give us the opportunity to represent you in your personal injury matter:
  • One of our attorneys will handle your claim from beginning to end. You will not be passed off to a paralegal or legal assistant to “work your file.”
  • We will constantly keep you updated on the status of your claim. You will not be contact with last minute demands.
  • We will place YOUR best interest first, not ours. Too many times, personal injury attorneys will stress early settlements for the benefit of their own pocket. That will never happen with us. We will give you our advice, but YOU control the decision to settle your case.

Product Liability

When you buy a product, you have certain rights as a consumer. The most basic is the right to be safe while using the item. Big companies have an obligation to design and manufacture safe products. When they fail in this obligation and you are hurt and put at risk of a serious personal injury,  you should speak to an experienced product liability lawyer at the Geiger Legal Group immediately.

Product liability law is a broad case area that contains a number of different types of claims. You may have been injured by a defective hip implant that broke in half, by a medical device you rely on to check your blood levels, or maybe a prescription drug manufacturer failed to warn you about the risk of a heart attack. Each case is unique, and each path to recovery is also different.  Our defective product lawyers have experience handling the following of cases:
  • DePuy ASR hip Replacement
  • DePuy PINNACLE metal-on-metal hip replacement
  • Stryker Rejuvenate and ABG II
  • Stryker Accolade
  • Stryker LFIT V40
  • Wright CONSERVE metal-on-metal hip system
  • Wright PROFEMUR hip system
  • Depakote / Depakene
At the Geiger Legal Group, our attorneys have years of experience in fighting large companies that have negligently designed a product or drug. We can help you pursue the justice and compensation you deserve, while making sure you recover from the injury the product caused.  Please contact us to discuss your case if you have been injured by a defective product.
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Residential Real Estate

The purchase of a home is likely the most important financial transaction you will enter into during your lifetime, and the closing on it deserves an investment of your time and attention, as well as your money. It is often said that all you need to learn from the closing on your home is: “if you don’t pay, you don’t stay.”  But if that is all you take away from your closing at our office, then we didn’t do our job!

The Georgia Supreme Court has affirmed that a real estate closing is not simply an informal signing of documents - it is the practice of law and is governed by the rules set forth by the State Bar of Georgia.  The closing only takes place after extensive legal work has been performed, such as an examination of title, interpretation of title matters such as easements and covenants, satisfaction of contract conditions, compliance with numerous governmental regulations, preparation of documents, choices of tenancy, collection of closing funds, and the prompt disbursement of proceeds.  In that regard, we will fully explain, with a touch of humor,  the legal effects of the documents that are signed by all parties at the closing.  We don’t want you to leave wondering, “what just happened?”

For over thirty five years the majority of this firm’s practice has been centered around real estate closings and financing.  Most title examinations are done in house and are based on access to nearly twenty years of electronically maintained title files on site.  We offer competitive closing fees, and do not up-charge with “handling” or “back office” fees.

We are approved closing attorneys for all local, regional, and national lenders operating in the north Georgia area, and are members of the Real Property Law Section of the State Bar of Georgia, the American Land Title Association, and follow all established Best Practices procedures.   We are also proud to be long time title agents for Chicago Title Insurance Company and Old Republic Title Insurance Company.
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Commercial Real Estate & Financing

While the parties to a commercial transaction have often “been there, done that” and can dispatch closing documents quickly, a great deal of time and effort are required by us prior to  and after the actual closing.  Most loan transactions are tailored to the specific borrower and situation, and will involve customized Promissory Notes, personal guarantees, and security documents covering a wide array of properties, accounts, and interests.

Buyers and Sellers in commercial transactions will usually operate as Limited Liability Companies or closely held Corporations, and for tax treatment or liability protection it is usually the preferred method to operate.  We can, and often do,  create those entities and supporting documentation, register the entities with the Secretary of State, obtain employer identification numbers, or register a trade name.

SBA commercial transactions specifically focus on the small business, (as the name implies), and after closing more than 200 SBA 7A loans, we are well versed to advise lenders, borrower, or sellers in the nuances of the SBA standard operating procedures and closing requirements set forth in the loan authorizations.
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