Employment Lawyer in Georgia

DISCLAIMER: Georgia is a right to work state. That means that an employer can fire an employee for any non-discriminatory reason. For that reason, we limit our representation to the following situations:

  • Documented Sexual Harassment Claims

If you believe you have an employment claim, please complete the following questionnaire and one of our employment attorneys will be in touch with you: [Employment Questionnaire].


Employment law bookWorkers drive our economy. Yet some employers will violate their employees’ rights by not paying them what they’re owed, wrongfully firing them, allowing harassment, or pressuring them into illegal behavior. These acts could jeopardize the employee’s career, financial stability, and sense of ethics. Here is when an employment lawyer can help.

Too often, employees are made to feel small. They believe they have very little power over what happens to them in the workplace. At Geiger Legal Group, LLC, we are here to level the playing field. We represent workers like you who have been hurt or wronged while on the job. Whether you work for a major corporation or small business, we are prepared to fight aggressively to protect your rights and make sure you are treated fairly.

If you believe your rights as a worker have been violated, contact Geiger Legal Group today to talk to an experienced employment lawyer. We can discuss your case and outline how we may be able to help you during a free initial consultation.