I walked into Casey’s office nervous, scared, cautious and injured. He was extremely empathetic and truly concerned about ME.. I walked out feeling informed but still remained cautious. I knew I didn’t want to get caught up in this long drawn out legal battle. The process was truly seamless! Casey called and checked on me often and I could tell he truly cared about my wellbeing more than anything else.

My case was closed within 5 months and I received optimal compensation for my injuries with all of my medical bills paid for without going to court. I am so grateful for the honest and caring representation I received. Its very comforting knowing that we still have honest and caring attorneys with integrity in this world. They were truly concerned about my health throughout the entire process. A HUGE thank you to Geiger Legal Group for all of your hard work, dedication, integrity and empathy! I can’t say thank you enough to Casey Geiger.

- Christy Collins
- Client Testimonial
- The Morales Family Car Accident
- Client Testimonial
- Client Testimonial

“Casey, I cannot thank you enough for taking such wonderful care of my mother following her horrible car accident. From day one you have answered every call and every question and calmed her many times. Your compassion and care has not gone unnoticed during this rough time in her life. You really are a top notch attorney. Your experience and expertise is invaluable. Thank you so much for everything.”

- Amber Hutton

Very satisfied with the outcome of my case. Casey made sure I was taken care of. His team made sure all of my questions were answered. The thing that impressed me the most is the family atmosphere. He made the case personal and ensured I wasn’t just another paycheck. He is not an ambulance chaser, he works for you and ensures you are the most important thing.

I would absolutely recommend Casey to anyone who needs a lawyer.

- Chuck Priepke

“Casey listened diligently with tons of compassion to the awful car accident my 7 year old daughter and I were in. Casey explained the what and why and how he was going to do to represent us. … He kept in touch with me throughout the weeks ahead. I never doubted for a moment that he would get the job done.”

- Denise S.

“I highly recommend this firm. Give them a call if you need any legal advice. Ask for Casey.”

- David Booth

“We were elated to complete our vehicle accident injury case last week with more than a satisfactory settlement, without having to go to court. Attorney Casey Geiger and his staff were so wonderful to work with, compassionate, and above all detailed in their analysis and work. Casey was very knowledgeable and confident from day one, and there was little effort required of us along the way, with no pressure. He is energetic, kind, communicative and very intelligent. We looked forward to all our meetings. He set our expectations and exceeded them!”

- Jane V.