Is a Broken Arm Considered a Catastrophic Injury?

Woman with a fractured arm

If you have suffered a broken arm in an accident, you could be left with pain, inconvenience, and lengthy rehabilitation. But is a broken arm a catastrophic injury? And precisely what are catastrophic injuries?

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Can a Broken Arm Be Considered a Catastrophic Injury?

Whether a broken arm is a catastrophic injury depends on the severity. Most broken arms heal with time and proper treatment, so they are not typically considered catastrophic injuries. However, some fractured arms are severe and result in life-changing consequences. In those cases, broken arms may be regarded as fatal injuries.

What Is Considered a Catastrophic Injury?

A catastrophic injury is a severe injury resulting in long-term consequences that prevent the victim from returning to their usual, pre-accident way of life. While most broken arms are not catastrophic injuries, some may meet that definition because of their severity and tendency to result in life-changing complications. 

The following are examples of broken arms that may qualify as catastrophic injuries:

  • Compound or open fractures – A fracture is said to be compound or open if the bone breaks through the skin. Compound or open fractures often damage surrounding tissue and require surgery to reset the bones.
  • Comminuted fractures – This type involves two or more breaks in one bone. Some comminuted fractures may be described as shattered. Comminuted fractures are often seen in severe accidents involving large commercial trucks or a victim getting pinned or crushed. These fractures typically require surgery to set the bone back in place and secure it with metal pieces. In addition, with severely displaced comminuted fractures, the surgeon may have to perform bone grafting to repair the broken bone.
  • Segmental fracture – Segmental fractures occur when a bone breaks in two places, leaving a segment of the bone entirely separated from the rest of the bone. These fractures are mainly caused by accidents involving extreme trauma, such as high-speed motor vehicle accidents. They often require surgery to reset the broken segment and pin it in place using metal pieces.
  • Reduced mobility – Severe fractures may restrict the victim’s mobility, leading to complications such as blood clots, bedsores, or muscle atrophy. These complications can have life-lasting consequences.
  • Infection – Severe breaks increase the risk of infection. If infection sets in and is not promptly treated, the accident victim may need a partial or total amputation of the arm.

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