Amputation Injury Attorneys in Georgia

man with amputated leg going for a run

Traumatic limb loss is a devastating experience that can impact every aspect of your life. Dealing with emotional and physical hardships can be even more challenging if someone else’s negligence is to blame for the accident. While it’s impossible to turn back time and prevent the injury from happening, you could get justice and fair compensation for the harm you’ve suffered through a personal injury claim. Let our amputation attorneys assist.

At Geiger Legal Group, LLC, we are a family-run law firm committed to helping those injured in Canton and throughout the state seek justice after accidents. We have specific experience handling catastrophic injury cases, including those involving the loss of one or more limbs. Our personal injury lawyers are ready to sit down with you and discuss your situation when you contact us for a free consultation.

What Is an Amputation?

According to Cleveland Clinic, an amputation is a catastrophic injury involving the loss of a limb, a digit, or some other body part.

Some common examples of amputations include:

  • Partial hand amputations
  • Metacarpal amputations
  • Wrist disarticulations
  • Transradial amputations
  • Elbow disarticulations
  • Transhumeral amputations
  • Shoulder disarticulations
  • Partial foot amputations
  • Ankle disarticulations
  • Transtibial amputations
  • Transfemoral amputations
  • Hip disarticulations
  • Hemipelvectomies