Who Pays for Physical Therapy After an Accident?

While some car accidents are simply inconvenient, others can cause significant and long-lasting bodily harm. Injuries like soft tissue damage, spinal injuries, and traumatic brain injuries often require protracted recovery times and costly physical therapy. If the accident was another driver’s fault, who is responsible for paying for your therapeutic process? Understanding the financial implications of physical therapy costs after an accident can help you feel empowered to make the most beneficial decisions for your long-term health. 

Do Insurance Companies Cover Physical Therapy?

If you have health insurance, your provider will likely cover some physical therapy costs after a car accident. However, the amount they cover can vary greatly depending on your plan. Many insurance policies limit the number of therapy sessions covered. Others require high copays or deductibles. 

Your auto insurance may also help pay for therapy, but only up to the limit of your medical payments coverage. Having adequate insurance is essential, but you should not have to drain your own policy to pay for treatment necessitated by someone else’s negligence.

Is the At-Fault Driver Liable for Covering My Physical Therapy Bills?

If another driver caused the accident, they could be held financially accountable for your injuries and treatment costs through a liability claim. Their insurance company should cover all reasonable and necessary medical expenses related to the crash, including physical therapy. An experienced personal injury lawyer can gather evidence proving the other driver was at fault and compel the insurer to pay your bills in full so that you can get the therapy you need without the financial burden. Note that the insurer likely won’t pay anything until the claim is settled and they get a release from further liability from you.

Do I Need to Pay Anything Out-of-Pocket?

Even with health insurance and payments from your own medical pay auto insurance policy, some out-of-pocket costs for physical therapy are likely. You may need to pay copays for each session or cover expenses your health plan does not reimburse. However, a strong injury claim should recover both your current medical costs and future estimated therapy expenses so that you are not left paying large sums yourself. A settlement or jury verdict may also include compensation for pain and suffering.

Tips to Ensure Coverage

You can optimize your chances of receiving coverage for your physical therapy expenses by taking the following steps:

  • Notify your health and auto insurers promptly after an accident.
  • Track all appointments, medical bills, receipts, and paperwork.
  • Hire an experienced auto accident attorney to handle negotiations with insurers.
  • Follow your doctor’s and physical therapist’s treatment plans closely.
  • Only give recorded statements to insurers after speaking to a car accident attorney first.

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Physical therapy is a critical aspect of recovery for many injured individuals after a car crash. At Geiger Legal Group, LLC, we believe that you should not be responsible for your therapy costs if another party’s negligence caused your injuries. Our attorneys will fight aggressively for your compensation so you can focus on healing. Contact our offices today for a free consultation to learn more about how we can help you.

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