How to Deal with Insurance Companies After a Car Accident

If you’ve been in a car accident, you may need to deal with insurance companies to obtain compensation for your car repairs, medical expenses, or lost income. Knowing what to do (and what not to do) can improve your chances of recovering the money you need and reduce your risk of jeopardizing your case.

First Steps: Immediate Actions Post-Accident

There are certain steps you can take after a car accident to protect your right to compensation. First, you should follow your doctor’s treatment plan and recovery instructions. Putting off treatment of your injuries might give the insurance company a reason to doubt your claim.

How long do you have to report a car accident to your insurance company? While the actual deadline is likely specified in the terms of your particular policy, it’s a good idea to alert your provider as soon as possible. Any delays could jeopardize your coverage.

Finally, gather documents to support your claim, including a copy of the police accident report, copies of your medical records, bills, invoices, receipts, and your pay stubs/income statements.

The Insurance Call: Do’s and Don’ts

When you contact your or the other driver’s insurance company to report the car accident or file a claim, you should know what do’s and don’ts to follow:

  • Do: Keep records of all communications with the insurance company, including copies of letters and emails and notes of phone calls.
  • Do: Communicate clearly with the insurance adjuster.
  • Don’t: Agree to sign a medical release or give a written or recorded statement.
  • Don’t: Admit fault or downplay your injuries.
  • Don’t: Accept a settlement offer without consulting a car accident attorney.

The Challenge of Claim Denials

The insurance company might deny your claim if it thinks their policyholder was not at fault for the accident or your injuries are not as severe as you say they are. If this happens, you can request that the insurer reconsider your claim or pursue an internal appeals process, which may overturn the denial if you can present additional supporting evidence and documentation. However, you may need to take the at-fault driver and insurance company to court if the insurer denies liability for your injuries and losses.

Tips for Canton Residents

Whose insurance pays in a multi-car accident? Each driver at fault for causing a crash is liable for their share of the consequences. Their insurers will review the accident, apportion fault, and pay victims accordingly. If they cannot reach a consensus, the disagreement may need to be resolved in court.

What happens in a car accident with no insurance policy covering the at-fault driver? If you’ve purchased optional uninsured motorist coverage, you can file a claim with your insurance provider to recover the compensation the at-fault driver would otherwise be liable for.

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