Four Shocking Georgia Car Accident Statistics

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Traffic accidents happen on Georgia roads every day. While many are minor fender benders, a startling number of people suffer injuries that can last a lifetime. Check out these shocking Georgia car accident statistics for a better understanding of the scope of the problem. If you’ve been hurt in a crash, contact Geiger Legal Group, LLC today for a free consultation with an experienced car accident lawyer.

Motor Vehicle Accidents are the Leading Cause of Injury Deaths

According to the Georgia Department of Public Health, motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of injury deaths and the second leading cause of emergency room visits in the Peach State.

Car accident statistics from the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) reported 331,796 total crashes in 2020. Of that number, 1,588 collisions were fatal. Nearly 125,000 additional car accidents resulted in injuries, according to GDOT data.

Georgia Had 313 More People Die in Crashes in 2020 ― a 20 Percent Spike

Despite statewide efforts toward zero deaths on Georgia roadways, the data is trending in the wrong direction. GDOT statistics show 1,730 people were killed in 2020, up from 1,417 dead the previous year.

The numbers are looking worse for 2021. Data from the National Safety Council shows Georgia saw 911 motor vehicle fatalities in the first six months of 2021 alone, a 29 percent jump from the same time the prior year. GDOT state safety engineer Sam Harris told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that the spike was due to three negligent driving behaviors: distracted driving, driving under the influence (DUI), and speeding.

Georgia Ranked as the 4th Deadliest State for Car Accidents in 2020

Census data ranks Georgia as the 8th most populous state but 4th for the largest number of fatal car accidents, coming in only behind the giant states of Texas, California, and Florida.

The Governors Office of Highway Safety recently reported that Georgia is not on target to meet several of its annual safety performance measures. In 2021, officials are focusing on improving car accident statistics involving:

  • Serious injuries
  • Unrestrained passenger fatalities
  • Alcohol-related fatalities
  • Speed-related deaths
  • Motorcyclist fatalities
  • Unhelmeted motorcyclist fatalities
  • Pedestrian accident deaths
  • Bicycle accident deaths
  • Seat belt use for passenger vehicles

95 Percent of Georgia Emergency Room Visits Are Car Accident Victims

Data from the Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety shows that car accident victims overwhelmingly fill the state’s emergency rooms and trauma centers. A full 95 percent of all visitors to emergency departments in 2019 were motor vehicle occupants. Of that number, 75 percent were hospitalized for their injuries.

Contact an Experienced Georgia Car Accident Attorney

If you were hurt in a Georgia car accident, you could be entitled to valuable compensation to help with the cost of medical bills, lost wages, rehabilitation, and other crash-related losses. You don’t have to go through the insurance claims process alone. Call or contact Geiger Legal Group, LLC for a free consultation with a skilled car accident lawyer.

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