What to Do After an Accident in a Rental Car

Getting into a car accident is always stressful, and things get even more complicated when you were not driving your own car. If you were involved in a wreck while driving a rental car, you might be understandably concerned about covering your medical expenses, lost income, and damage to the rental. Read on to learn more about how to handle a car accident in a rental.

What Should I Do After an Accident in a Rental Car in Georgia?

Consider taking the following steps if you get into an auto accident in a rental:

  • Exchange information with the other people involved in the accident
  • Take photos of the accident scene, including damage to the rental car
  • Contact local law enforcement and request a copy of the police crash report
  • Notify the rental company and your auto insurance provider about the accident
  • Seek medical attention as soon as possible and follow your doctor’s care plan
  • Keep copies of any bills, invoices, or receipts of crash-related expenses you incur
  • Collect documentation of lost income if you miss work due to your injuries
  • Watch what you say to others or post online before you settle your case
  • Contact a car accident attorney to discuss your legal rights as soon as possible

Who Pays for My Injuries and Losses After a Rental Car Accident?

Depending on the circumstances, you could receive compensation for your injuries, as well as funds to cover the repair cost of your rental car by filing a claim against:

  • Another driver or road user who contributed to the accident
  • A third party whose negligence contributed to the accident, such as the manufacturer of a defective rental car component
  • Any insurance policies you purchased from the rental car company
  • A rental car liability insurance policy from your own auto insurance provider
  • A rental car insurance policy from your credit card company

Does Having an Accident in a Rental Car Affect My Auto Insurance?

In some cases, yes. If you, the rental company, or an injured party files a claim against your auto insurance policy, your monthly premiums and eligibility for purchasing a new policy in the future could be negatively affected. Some insurers could even terminate or refuse to renew your auto insurance policy if you make too many claims within a certain period.

So, it’s a good idea to consult with a lawyer as soon as possible after a rental car accident. A capable attorney can help you minimize or eliminate the effect of a rental car accident claim on your insurance by investigating the accident, reviewing your rental agreement, and negotiating with other parties on your behalf.

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