Rehabilitation and Recovery After a Severe Dog Bite

A dog bite might seem minor at first, but dog bites can lead to severe complications like infections and rabies. Severe bites can result in emotional distress, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). 

If you suffered injuries due to a dog bite, there are steps you can take to ensure a full recovery. You should familiarize yourself with what to do immediately after a dog bite and in the following weeks and months. 

Georgia dog bite laws hold that the owner of a dangerous or vicious animal could be liable for any harm the animal causes to someone else. Our attorneys are ready to help you pursue the maximum compensation you deserve for all your losses related to your dog bite injuries.

Immediate Steps After a Dog Bite

It’s essential to treat a dog bite immediately following the attack. Seek medical attention to assess and treat the wound. If possible, contact the dog’s owner and find out if the animal is up to date on rabies vaccinations. After receiving medical treatment, contact our Georgia dog bite attorneys to discuss your legal options.

Physical Recovery After an Animal Attack

How long does it take for a dog bite to heal? It depends on the bite’s depth, location, and size and how quickly you receive appropriate medical care. 

Your doctor may decide to close the wound. If so, follow their care instructions. You may need a tetanus shot if you haven’t had one recently. If the dog exposed you to rabies, the treatment involves a series of shots over several weeks.

Follow your doctor’s instructions to the letter, and seek additional care immediately if the pain worsens or you experience additional symptoms like fever, excessive bleeding, or loss of mobility in the injured area.

Emotional and Psychological Healing

A dog bite can also be an emotionally traumatizing event. You may experience anxiety, post-traumatic stress, and other psychological effects following a dog bite injury. It’s essential to seek treatment for psychological injuries as well as the more immediately apparent physical injuries. A mental health professional may prescribe medication and encourage talk therapy as treatment following a dog bite incident.

Legal Rights and Recourse

If another person is responsible for your dog bite injury, you may be able to file a dog bite lawsuit to pursue compensation for medical expenses, lost income, pain, suffering, and other losses. 

Our attorneys are ready to review the facts of your case and determine whether the dog’s owner knew or should have known their dog was aggressive and failed to take proper precautions to prevent an attack, such as by restraining the dog. We can then build a solid case to seek maximum compensation, typically through the dog owner’s homeowners’ liability coverage.

Contact Our Georgia Dog Bite Attorneys to Learn More

You deserve practical, knowledgeable legal support if you’ve suffered a dog bite. Geiger Legal Group, LLC, is a family-run law firm focused on helping our clients pursue compensation following injuries, including dog bites. If you’re wondering whether you have grounds to sue for dog bite injuries, contact us for a free consultation to learn more about your legal options.

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