Medical Liens in an Auto Accident

in the hospital after a car accident

When you recover compensation in a legal claim after an auto accident, you may discover that a portion of your financial recovery must be used to pay one or more parties who have placed a medical lien on your car accident case. A car accident lawyer can help you understand what liens you may have on your case and how it may affect your compensation award.

What Is a Medical Lien in a Car Accident Case?

A medical lien in a car accident case is a legal demand for reimbursement for medical services rendered to an injured car accident victim. The money for this reimbursement comes from any funds the victim obtains through a settlement or a court judgment in a car accident case.

Any party that provides or pays for medical services to a car accident victim may file a medical lien on a resulting car accident claim. Medical liens are intended to prevent a situation where an injured accident victim obtains a “double recovery.” This happens when the victim’s medical expenses are covered by one party, such as their health insurance, and they also recover compensation from the at-fault party.

Types of Medical Liens

Examples of medical liens that may be filed in a car accident case include the following:

  • Hospital liens – A hospital or other healthcare provider may file a medical lien when it provides treatment to a car accident victim. Rather than charging the victim for medical services, the provider may simply wait until the injured patient obtains compensation in their car accident claim to be reimbursed for the services.
  • Insurance liens – If your health insurance provider covered the costs of treatment you received for car accident injuries, it could be entitled under the terms of your policy to reimbursement for coverage from any compensation you obtain in a car accident case.
  • Government liens – Similar to insurance liens, the government may be entitled to recover the money it paid for treating your car accident injuries if you receive Medicare, Medicaid, or VA health coverage.

How to Find Out If You Have a Medical Lien

To find out if you have a medical lien against your car accident claim, you should review any paperwork you signed with your treating providers. You may have agreed to accept a lien on your car accident claim instead of being billed by your providers for your treatment. You should also review the terms of your health insurance policy to see whether your insurer places liens for car accident treatment.

A skilled car accident attorney can investigate on your behalf to find if any other parties, such as the government, may have placed a lien on your case.

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