The Dangers of Unsecured Truck Loads

unsecured cargo on a semi trailer

Large commercial trucks often tow heavy trailers that are loaded down with cargo. Common types of freight include agricultural debris and equipment, consumer goods, hazardous materials, and more. Unless shipments are appropriately loaded, they could spill over and cause a catastrophic truck accident. 

Truck drivers, trucking companies, and freight companies must ensure that loads are properly secured before a driver leaves. An unsecured load can destabilize the rig, making it easier for the driver to lose control, risking a rollover or jackknife accident and cargo spillage.

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Liability in an Unsecured Load Accident

When an unsecured truckload causes a truck accident, multiple parties could be liable for the losses suffered by others in a crash. They include:

  • The truck driver, who is required to confirm that the load is secured before hitting the road
  • The trucking company, if they failed to ensure that its truck driver knew how to properly secure the cargo
  • The freight or shipping company responsible for loading the truck or trailer

A semi-truck accident lawyer can help you seek maximum compensation for your injuries. Compensation may include money for medical and long-term care expenses, lost wages, lost future earnings, lost quality of life, and pain and suffering.

Causes of Unsecured Cargo Accidents

A cargo load may shift during travel for several possible reasons, including:

  • Unbalanced cargo weight
  • Improperly tied-down cargo
  • Defectively designed or manufactured tie-downs
  • Wear and tear on ropes, chains, or straps used to secure cargo
  • Failure to cover an open cargo hold, such as on a dump truck

What Are the Dangers of Unsecured Cargo?

Unsecured cargo is a danger on many levels.

First, moving cargo can cause the truck’s weight to shift, placing the rig off balance without the driver’s knowledge. The truck may end up swerving across lanes of traffic or tipping over. Shifting cargo could also cause a jackknife accident, where a truck and trailer fold in on each other like a pocketknife.

Unsecured cargo may also pose a danger to other drivers if it falls out of or flies off a truck. Whether falling cargo collides with another vehicle or leaves dangerous debris in the roadway, anyone in a semi-truck’s path is in harm’s way when an accident occurs. A spill of unsecured hazardous materials may also lead to severe environmental damage.

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