Practice Area Category: Car Accidents

$1.25 Million

Our client was an 18-year-old passenger in a pick-up truck driving down a dirt road. The driver lost control of the truck, swerved, and crashed head-first into a tree. Our client suffered horrific injuries, including a spiral fracture to his leg, a fractured knee cap, and lacerations across his head….

$1.0 Million

T-Bone Motor Vechicle Accident With Smaller Property Damage


Policy limit recovery for auto-pedestrian collision.


Our client was driving his pick-up truck in Douglas County, Georgia when a commercial truck ran through a stop sign and t-boned his vehicle off the road and into a ditch. The impact caused serious injuries to his neck, and ultimately resulted in him having a cervical fusion surgery. The…


In 2020, our client was sitting at a red-light just outside the Bridge Mill subdivision in Canton, GA when she noticed an ambulance driving down Bells Ferry road in the opposite direction from her. The ambulance approached the intersection facing a red light. At that same time, a Hyundai sedan…


Our client, a young PT student studying in Savannah, Georgia, was a front-seat passenger in a ford truck driving near Augusta when an individual turned left in front of the car she was riding in. As a result of the crash, our client's right arm and right pinky were fractured. …


In 2020, our client was a passenger in an Uber when his vehicle was rear-ended by a van. The impact caused serious injuries to his neck, and, after several rounds of treatment through injections, he ultimately underwent a neck surgery. Despite arguments from the defense that his injuries were pre-existing,…


Settlement for roll over collision in Fulton County.


Our client, the owner of a bakery store in Woodstock, GA, was a passenger in a vehicle returning from a date-night in Atlanta. As she exited I-575, a driver who was under the influence t-boned the vehicle she was in, flipping it onto it’s side. She suffered serious injuries and…