Car Accidents

In 2020, our client was sitting at a red-light just outside the Bridge Mill subdivision in Canton, GA when she noticed an ambulance driving down Bells Ferry road in the opposite direction from her. The ambulance approached the intersection facing a red light. At that same time, a Hyundai sedan was exiting the subdivision on a green light. The ambulance failed to slow or stop to confirm he could proceed forward into the intersection through the red light and the Hyundai t- boned the ambulance as it passed through the intersection. The impact caused the 10,000 lb ambulance to drift left where it struck my client’s vehicle head-on at an estimated 30 mph. We brought claims against both the ambulance and Hyundai. We resolved the case after mediation with the at-fault driver. However, the ambulance carrier continued to fight us. We obtained email correspondence related to the driver’s training and discovered that he had over eight written reports of him violating the safety policy of slowing and stopping at red lights before proceeding through them. Eight times this driver had been warned to not “blow through” red lights, yet he continued to be allowed to operate the 10,000 lb vehicle. Following a Supreme Court decision on governmental immunity, we were able to get the case resolved.