Nursing Home Ratings in North Georgia

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What You Need to Know

There are federal laws in place to ensure that certified nursing homes and other long-term care facilities offer residents the best possible standard of care. These rules and regulations help to establish the minimum standards of care for the operation of homes and residential services to citizens in Georgia.

The regulations include requirements for things such as safety standards, staffing, training, inspections, care plans, medications, nutrition, and various procedures such as documentation.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) rates Medicare- and Medicaid-certified nursing homes annually based on specific regulations such as the quality of resident care, staffing, and health inspections.

Nursing homes with five stars are considered “much above average.” Nursing homes that receive one star are considered “much below average.”

Click the link or the download button below for an interactive graphic that highlights all the one-star and five-star homes in specific North Georgia cities.

You can click on a city from the home page of the graphic to learn more about facility ratings in that region. Each city lists facilities within a 25-mile range that have either one star or five stars. All nursing homes are listed in alphabetical order. Nursing homes that have been cited for abuse are highlighted in red.

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Considerations for Nursing Home Ratings

CMS considers the following information when rating nursing homes:

  • Staffing – The number of hours of care.
  • Quality of Care – 15 different physical and clinical measures for nursing home residents.
  • Health Inspections – Three most recent health inspections.

To learn more about specific requirements, click here.


CMS released a new targeted inspection plan designed to keep residents safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn more here.

Special Focus Facilities (SFF)

A Special Focus Facility is a nursing home that fails to meet the standard quality of care – or have in the past. Facilities on this list are currently included in a special program to help them to make improvements. Click here to view the current list of Special Focus Facilities.

Click here to learn more about the Special Focus Facility Initiative.