What steps are involved in the personal injury claim process?

We created a short guide for what to do immediately after a car crash. But what’s the process after that?

If you haven’t already, you should always seek medical treatment for your injuries. Your injuries may seem minor at first, but it’s always best to have a doctor evaluate you to understand the extent of your injuries.

If you were sent to a hospital, especially by ambulance, then you should absolutely reach out to a personal injury attorney. In contrast, you may not need a personal injury attorney if you only have minor injuries. The only way to be sure, however, is to (1) go see a doctor for your injuries and (2) speak with an attorney. Most attorneys, including Geiger Legal Group, LLC, provide a free consultation.

At Geiger Legal Group, LLC, you can expect the following if we should handle your personal injury claim:

  • Clear and easy communication between both your attorneys and paralegals. We know each client by name and update all of our clients bi-weekly on where their case stands.
  • High-level advocacy and trial skills on your behalf to maximize settlements or verdicts.
  • We are not a TV advertising firm and do NOT have 1,000+ cases so that you are just a number. We take a select number of cases and treat each case with the attention it deserves.
  • Fairness. Our goal is NOT to make a quick buck off your case, but rather that you feel well represented so that you would be happy to recommend us to friends and loved ones.

If you have questions about how to handle your injuries or the personal injury claim process, you can call 770-720-4600 or text us at 770-741-2411 (you will get a response from a real human).