Should I tell my insurance company about my car crash?

Yes. You should let your insurance company know about your involvement in a car crash. Depending on your coverage, your own car-insurance benefits may help you with things like medical payments or uninsured motorist coverage, which could be applicable to your claim.

There is also a “notice requirement” in most car insurance policies. This notice requirement means your uninsured motorist or medical payment benefits could be denied unless you promptly notify your own car insurance company of the car crash. This should be done even if you are not at fault. So don’t think that you are better off by not telling your own car insurance company as that could cause a problem later on.

You may not want to speak with a trained insurance adjuster on your own. In that case, contact a personal injury attorney to deal with the insurance companies. While Geiger Legal Group, LLC’s criteria for accepting personal injury matters depends on the extent of your injuries, it is worth a phone call to discuss your options.