Do I need a personal injury lawyer? Or can I handle this on my own?

In general, you should always consult with a personal injury lawyer after you have been in an automobile crash. Insurance companies are professionally trained to diminish the value of your case and force you into an early settlement. A personal injury lawyer equalizes the insurance company’s advantage in the negotiation.

When you are considering whether to hire a personal injury attorney, consider some of these questions.

What type of injury did you sustain? If you were taken to the hospital, or a follow up doctor’s visit revealed serious injuries in diagnostic testing, then you should absolutely consult an attorney. An example would be a broken bone, or bulged disc caused by whiplash.

In addition to seeking immediate medical treatment, you should be following the doctor’s orders for recovery. This is important for two main reasons: it gives you the best shot at a quick and safe recovery, and it shows you are in need of and committed to your recovery.

Is the at-fault insurance company fighting liability? Many times, insurance companies go against the findings by the responding police officer to try and help their insured – the at-fault driver. Sometimes, they may partially blame you for the crash, even when you had no fault at all. In this scenario, a personal injury attorney can help.

How recent was the accident? Georgia has a standard two-year limitation in which you need to file an action for injury to their person. If you fail to bring your claim within two years of the date of the crash, the court will deem your claim time-barred, meaning you can no longer recover.

Do you feel overwhelmed with constant medical bills? After a crash, you could easily incur over $7,500 in medical bills simply by taking an ambulance to the hospital for a brief evaluation. These bills will rise even further if you were admitted or surgery is required. A personal injury lawyer can assess your insurance plan’s medical payment policy to determine if any immediate payment can be made prior to a settlement.